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About Us

Group classes:

Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, Belly Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Heels, Kpop, Zumba fitness, Bolly fitness.

Belltown Dance Studio was established since 2005

We know learning a new dance can be intimidating and somewhat overwhelming at first, and we do our very best to make this process fun and easy. For partnering dance, we are known for covering a great amount of detail and technique. For our leads, we are don't just offer a pattern of moves, but a style and flavor that makes you overall a smooth dancer, in addition, our pattern are all lead-able and very current with the times. We also provide each student with individualized attention. Our dance instructions are creative, fun, unexpected, we are all about sharing that awesome connection and musicality with your partner where you BOTH can self express.

Follows: We make sure you are not just a prop in our group classes or on the dance floor, we cover a lot of details and technique how to become a best follow you can be, by being light on your feet, on point, styling to express who you are through your body movements, your sensuality, your playfulness, and make you feel you are the star in every dance.

Our studio is not "team" driven. We pride oursleves not to put the cart front of the horse and lock you in a team contract, we believe learn how to dance before you perform. Yes, performance can be a very fun and challenging experience, but you may asking your self months or a year later. "Why do I feel like I'm only beginner or below average social dancer?"

We like to ask that you establish yourself as a intermediate level dancer in any form of dance, then maybe prehaps consider performing when you are ready.

Dance Events:

At BDS, we offer a Salsa Dance Practica first Sunday of the month except during the summer on Alki Beach. Sunday montly events is where you can practice what you’ve learned in a low-key, un-intimidating atmosphere. We start with low tempo music, and advance to medium pace songs to get you off the ground, this dance is open to EVREYONE. Intro lesson at 7pm, dance till 11pm

Salsa on Alki Beach & Salsa at Bell Street Park are offer during the summer months. please salsa on alki beach page

At BDS, we are known for
having highest quality instructors for our regular group classes & workshops to provide you with best of serves/training/education. We are also known for having the most top notch dancer in the world for our workshops, Salsa Champion dancers such as Charlene Rose, Liz Lira, John & Liz of Salsamania, Alien Ramirez, other world famous dancers Jorge & Leslie of Bachata Caliente, Mike Zuniga, Jennifer Silvas, De'Jon & Clo. please check our workshop pages for updates.

Salsa - Bachata Instructors

JIM CHOW  Head Salsa Dance Instructor, Owner of Belltown Dance Studio, Event planner & Organizer for Salsa on Alki Beach

From a very young age, Jim possessed the rhythm and
love of music which has influenced him throughout his life. For a while, he was known as an exceptional freestyle club dancer. But freestyle days were over when Jim was introduced to Salsa in 1999. 18 year later, Salsa still is his biggest passion and primary means for self expression. Although he was started learning LA style (on 1) and captivated by its flares, drama, and beauty, in early 2004 Jim started adding the flavor and softness of NY style (on 2), to his dancing, and also able to dance and teach both on1 & on2. This made his style truly unique, and on the dance floor he stands out above the rest.

In 2010 he started a joint project with Salsamania Dance Company and got to learn under one of the top salsa dance company and champion dancer John & Liz of Salsamania, since then he have apply lots of their technique in his teaching program, most recently he had the pleasure to perform at 2015 Seattle Salsa Congress under Salsamania of Belltown Dance Studio.

To Jim, Salsa is more than simple dance moves. It is playful, dramatic, sensual and flirtatious. Within a short period of time he was addicted and dancing at a professional level. Jim has been a successful artist working nationally for 20 years, and this art background has had a definite impact on his dancing and instruction. In his artistic eye, Salsa is very much comparable to an ongoing mastery of Kung Fu. Because of this, Jim is able to correctly express body movement and body language, and is exceptional at sharing accurate cues and direction for better footwork, patterns and styling with his students.
Jim has danced with some of the most well-known national salsa champions and local dancers. To offer the ladies a better concept of being an outstanding follow, he complements his instruction with talented dance assistants who offer the grace, fun, flirtatiousness, and proper technique of ladies styling.

Since 2002 Jim has been demonstrating his technique to students in dance studios such as Cameo Dance and American Dance Institute, as well as workshops in health clubs, Gold's Gym, 24 hrs Fitness, Columbia Athletic Club, Bally Total fitness, UW, UW of Tacoma and in a number of private events on locatioprivate lessons.

He has done many presentations at parties, fund raisers, salsa intro lesson as well as perform for Porland Salsa Congress, Bachata lesson at 2012 Seattle Salsa Congress & Salsa Festivals along with other dance masters. From 2010 to present, he had the opportunity to study and performed 2014-2016 under the World Champions John Narvaez and Liz Rojas of Salsamania Dance Company at Rose City Salsa Festival & LA Salsa Festival. 

He is also the founder of one of the most amazing Seattle outdoor dance in the summer call Salsa on Alki Beach. A dance he had started since 2008, and has developed a loyal following 350-800 salsa on Alki fans.

Jim gets a great deal of personal gratification from sharing his passion and seeing his students progressively mastering the art of Salsa. Why dance with just an instructor when you can dance with an artist? His Keywords: Always follow your passion, forever stay humble, and always open to learn.

Kristen Grace

Jazz Funk & Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Kristen has been the primary hip hop teacher at Studio West Dance Academy since it’s opening and has founded the performing group EDGE.  Kristen is now the director of Studio West's newest addition, The Beat Box Hip Hop Dance Studio. Kristen got her start dancing competitively with H2Whoa, Gig Harbor High School’s hip hop dance team, and went on to lead her university team as captain and choreographer at PLU - staging various pieces for the student choreographed show each year. She has trained with DASH, Koncrete Studios, Velocity, and Westlake Dance Center along with many other master classes and workshops from Seattle, Tacoma, LA to New York. Kristen has over 10 years teaching experience in various schools and studios throughout the south sound.

She now dances with Olympia/Lacey based adult dance team Audacity Cru, and recently competed with them at the World of Dance Finals in Los Angeles, as well as World of Dance Seattle. Kristen is extremely passionate about bringing new life into the dance community and building dancers into movers who have the skills and confidence to pursue their artistry in whatever capacity they choose.

Isaiah Rashaad

Jazz Funk & Heels Dance Instructor

Isaiah has worked with the best in Asia including International Asian recording artist, JANE ZHANG on the "JANE'S SECRET" 2018 tour as a tour captain and background dancer.

He also currently works in Shanghai as a choreographer for UBISOFT JUST DANCE, NIKE, GH5 DANCE STUDIO, MILLENNIUM DANCE COMPLEX, and other various studios and companies.

Whether it is choreography designed for the classroom, theater, stage or live events, Isaiah has the ability to see abstract creative visions and execute them accordingly.

 His knowledge of the stage, movement quality, story telling, emoting and connecting with music, has sparked the interest some of  the most noted legends, choreographers and dancers in the Industry such as, Tina Landon, Tanisha Scott Kevin Maher, Jontè, Blake Mcgrath, and Luam to name a few.  

As an entertainer he has an  indescribable passion for the art of dance and performance.  His versatility includes elements of  Hip-hop, Jazz Funk, Contemporary, Modern, Broadway, Burlesque, and Heels Movement, which has been the success and drive of his career to date.

Being a choreographer  in Asia has allowed him to choreograph  popular artist's songs for JUST DANCE such as,  Ariana Grande "Side to Side",  Big Bang "Bang Bang Bang", Britney Spears "Slumber Party" and  Shakira "Chantajé" to name a few. He was also the choreographer for one of the largest night clubs in Shanghai LINX ROYAL MEMBERS CLUB where he choreographed themed productions for the venue monthly.

In addition, he has also choreographed for major automobile brands such as Volvo and Skoda. He has taught numerous of  workshops in Michigan, Seattle, Shanghai, Beijing and Bangkok.  He's also traveled to LA, KOREA, THAILAND, PHILIPPINES and all over CHINA.

His experience  of exploring different cultures and lifestyles have been the fuel and fusion of his creativity. His unique and creative way of educating others about the art of dance has impacted individuals both locally and internationally.

Rowan Langaynor

Kpop dance instructor

Rowan started as a self-taught dancer when she was 10 years old where she learned choreography from YouTube videos, specifically Matt Steffanina. In 2012, she started dancing at Momentum Dance Academy until she was 14, performing in shows and learning new styles of dance including jazz and hip hop. Even though Rowan didn’t start classes again until a few years later, she still created choreography on her own. Rowan started dancing at Belltown Dance Studio when she turned 17, and immediately fell in love with people and structure of the classes. She joined the Bellsquad Dance Team soon after and has been a member for 2 years. Rowan’s main passion for teaching comes from the love of creating choreography and wanting to share her love with others. Learning new styles and music is what drives her and she and wants other people to see dance the way she does, a fun and creative outlet for anyone.

West Coast Swing

Wren Newman
West Coast Swing Dance Instructor

Wren's extensive training began early with a childhood of competitive gymnastics. After gymnastics she devoted herself to various forms of dance before falling in love with West Coast Swing. She has focused her competitive energies on local, national and international competitions, while helping to foster the local WCS community through social dancing, as a member and officer of the Seattle Swing Dance Club and through spreading her passion of West Coast Swing and the community to new dancers. Through dancing, she’s found her calling of bringing her knowledge and cheerful love of people and dance to teaching West Coast Swing and supporting events around the world in the role of Competition Coordinator.

Argentine Tago

Koa Hons
Argentine Tango Dance Instructor

Koa Hons, a tanguero originally from Hawaii, was mesmerized by the connection, movement and music after watching the world famous Forever Tango group perform in Seattle in 2008. This was a transformative point in his life! His tango adventure started immediately and with tenacity by participating in Argentine tango classes in Tacoma and in Seattle. His love of the culture, music and the abrazo (embrace) has fueled his passion for Tango.

In 2009 he started teaching Argentine Tango in Olympia & Tacoma, WA with Jenny Mulligan, and since then has taught in Seattle with Michelle Badion, Belllingham, and Vancouver B.C. His instructors include Jenny Mulligan, Carlos Barrionuevo & Mayte Valdes (BsAs), Eva Lucero & Patricio Touceda (BsAs), Michelle Badion (USA), and a wide range of other instructors from Berlin, New York, L.A., & San Francisco.

Koa competed in his first competition in the 2011 Seattle Tangoearth Immersion Salon Tango Competition and placed 2nd. Among frequenting local milongas (social tango dances) & Tango festivals in the US & Canada, he recently performed with Michelle Badion and at the Seattle Folklife Festival, Northwest Dance Extravaganza and other functions.

Koa focuses on sharing his passion for tango with his students and anyone willing. He thrives to inspire a desire to pursue the connection, community, and music involved within this loved dance. With his analytical attention to detail and technique, development of an individual’s dance ability is the goal, and the method is guided by cooperative learning amongst students, gentle elastic connection between partners, playful exploration of possibilities, and plenty of fun!

Belly Dance instructor

Belly Dance Instructor

Nadira has become one of the most passionate, elegant and dynamic Middle Eastern performers in the U.S. Having graced many audiences throughout the U.S., Canada, Turkey, Egypt and abroad, her dance is graceful, seamless and multi-faceted.
As testament to her expanding dance repertoire, she has laid claim to multiple national titles:
- Belly Dancer USA
- Belly Dancer of the Year
- Sisterhood of the Dance
- Double Crown Belly Dance Performing Artist
- Emerald Rain Champion
- Entertainer of the Year
Nadira is featured in IAMED’s “Bellydance-O-Rama 2” DVD and Peko's "The Magical Art of Bellydance", both filmed in Hollywood. She is also featured in the performance DVDs “By Dancers for Dancers, Volumes II & IV" and the instructional "Combination Nation, Vol 3".
NOW AVAILABLEis a new solo instructional DVD, "5-Layers From the Ground Up"! Nadira shows you how to build your dance starting with your feet and working your way up. Whether just beginning or a seasoned professional, everyone will be challenged with this DVD.
(purchase DVDs).
Nadira has been a featured performer on Persian television, toured Turkey, performing and teaching in Istanbul and Antalya as well as Egypt and more recently China.
Some of her favorite performance venues will always be those close to home, such as 2001-current Arab Festivals, Folk Life and Bumbershoot festivals – some of the largest festivals in Seattle, WA.
Nadira has also given her time and talent to functions for the arts including the Visual Arts Gala for Bumbershoot, Fifteenth Annual Fundraiser and Auction for Fashion Group International and Poncho Gala Auction; hailed as the largest auction for the arts in the world.
She has also performed for members of the world renowned Pacific Northwest Ballet, based in Seattle and the 21st annual "Seattle Celebrity Waiters Luncheon" for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Nadira began her journey as a performer at the early age of six. She has studied many forms of dance from classical ballet to hip hop to jazz. In late 1998, she was introduced to Middle Eastern dance after a car accident she thought ended her dance career. Utilizing this new medium of dance as a form of physical therapy, Nadira quickly embraced this style. She incorporated her broad dance and musical background with new technical moves, and her unique style emerged.
One can see how much she truly respects, enjoys and understands Middle Eastern music in her dance. Her ability to capture the crowd with her skilled grace and playfulness has earned her the respect of the local Persian and Arabic communities.
She has the ability to intrigue the audience, yet keeps them at ease with her playfulness. Nadira is an outstanding entertainer, a sought after performer and instructor.

Fitness Instructors 

(Dee) - Demetria Sprinkling
Zumba instructor

Dee has been instructing Zumba and fitness classes for over 5 years. She has a masters degree in sports medicine and has been educated and exposed to wide range of fitness programs.  She finds Zumba Fitness to be the quickest
path to unleashing her need to dance, exercise, and connect with other people.  She  is passionate about  nurturing a creative uninhibited environment that keeps students motivated and coming back to  
take it to the next level. Dee's focus on  leadership and teaching  make it easy for students to participate and feel great about dancing their way to any personal fitness goal.

Dan Flores
Zumba instructor

Dan "Hips Don't Lie" Flores is a licensed Zumba® Fitness instructor and has been a member of the Zumba® Instructor Network (ZIN™) since March 2012. He grew up listening to the dynamic rhythms of Afro-Caribbean music, so his style has a strong Latin influence, but he incorporates a variety of genres in his high-energy classes, including salsa, samba, soca, dancehall, and Bollywood. His teaching philosophy is that ZUMBA® isn't all about dancing; it's more about having fun! So unleash your inner artiste!

Amruta Dhotre

Bolly fitness Instructor

Amruta comes from city of Bollywood, Mumbai! Growing up she binge watched Bollywood movies and enjoyed every minute of dancing. After graduating from Northeastern University in 2014, she moved to New York. Soon she was introduced to the Bolly fitness community. Bolly fitness is Bollywood inspired 60-minute cardio fitness routine. She took her training to be an instructor in Feb 2016. Her goal is to share her passion and joy of dancing with everyone.

Shweta Maheshwari

Bolly fitness Instructor

 Shweta is a software engineer by profession and a dance and fitness enthusiast after hours. she is from India, the land of Bollywood. She have been teaching at Belltown dance studio for more than an year now, her class helps me combine my love for bollywood, dance and fitness.

Belltown Dance Studio Guest Intructors

De'Jon & Clo

Guest Bachata & Salsa Dance Instructors

De'Jon Polanski is a high energy and diverse Afro Latin Dance Instructor, Performer, Artist, and Social Dancer from a Dominican cultural background and was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana where music and art dominates the city. He discovered Latin Dance at the age of 16 years old and began to social dance Salsa and Bachata untrained until later discovering Cuban Master Aurelio Gonzalez, where he trained in, Rueda de Casino, Folklore and Cuban Son, Orishas and Rumba. He later ventured off into training privately with Raymond Armant of Mambo Orleans to transition into Salsa on1 LA Style and Salsa on2 NY Style. De''Jon's Diverse style stems from his adventurous training with multiple masters via private lessons and exclusive master camp trainings with the King of Mambo, Eddie Torres and Afro Cuban Master, Marisol Blanco, Jose Serrano and Tomas Guerrero. His extensive bachata training started at home due to his Dominican Background, but extends to privately training with Masters such as Jorjet Alcocer (Dominican Bachata), Alma Latina (Urban/Sensual Bachata), (Korke y Judith), Daniel y Desiree (Sensual Bachata), and many more. De'Jon teaches Salsa on1, Salsa on2, Cuban Style Salsa, Dominican Bachata, Urban Bachata, Sensual Bachata, Bachakizomba Fusion (Bachakiz), and so much more. He is also an ex College Football Standout and United Air Force Veteran which adds so many dynamics to his interesting teaching style and hardcore approach to dance training.

Claudia (Clo) Ferreira was born in Isla Margarita, Venezuela and, since the age of four, raised in New Jersey, USA. She began training with her brother Henri Velandia (Ry'El Zen Zouk) at the age of 9 in all styles including Classical, American/Latin/Brazilian Ballroom, Latin Social such as Salsa, Bachata (Multiple Styles of Bachata) etc. Her styling, technique, and stage presence captured the respect of the salsa bachata community at a very early age. In 2010 she found a new love, Brazilian Zouk. She has won competitions, performed in various venues world wide, has taught numerous workshops in multiple styles at dance congresses internationally, and has won titles, such as International Choreographer. Her workshops, private classes, choreographies, and performances all focus on the natural flow and traditional rhythm of Brazilian Zouk, originally the Lambada, Salsa on1/on2, bachata accompanied by the fundamentals of classical technique, Latin styling, and the elements that allow ones body to move freely and creatively across all styles of dance! She is partnered with another extremely Versatile Dancer, De'Jon Polanski and together this versatile power couple teach Salsa On2, Salsa On1, Bachata (Sensual, Urban and Dominican), Zouk and Kiz Fusion all over the world.

Sazon Dance Events
Phone: (206) 930-7246


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